Psychic Energy Vampires

I’ve continuously used the phrase “psychic vampire,” or “energy vampire” to explain a person who extracts energy from others to be able to survive in their world. We’ve got all heard of vampires, who feed on the blood of others. The psychic vampire feeds on the energy of others. Nonetheless it will not be normally a conscious endeavor.

Narcissistic action is really an “unconscious” behavior. The perpetrator is just not usually aware of how his actions are affecting others. On the contrary, the perpetrator often feels he’s the one being victimized. Narcissistic people are usually energy vampires.

How does one know when his/her energy is being harvested? It is really quite simple. Just be aware of how you are feeling round completely different people. Start making mental notes. Some individuals will go away you feeling completely happy, energized, or nurtured. Others will depart you feeling drained, tired, depressed, angry or confused in some way.

If the one who leaves you feeling tired and drained has this affect on you most of the time than they’re likely an energy vampire. It’s possible you’ll enter the interaction or dialog feeling good about something and in the course of the course of the dialog you might be transformed into feeling bad. For example: Say you just acquired a big promotion at work and you are really excited. You go dwelling from work and you are high with excitement and share the nice news with your partner. He listens to you talk about your promotion after which says something like “Good for you! Hey did you take my blue water bottle this morning?”

O.K. his words weren’t clearly merciless or condemning. He even said “good for you!” But by some means you’re feeling that you have not been heard and that he doesn’t really share in your excitement. In actual fact it appears more that he might care less. You are feeling a plummet in your energy and all of the sudden you are not feeling very excited anymore. It’s possible you’ll respond by saying “No I have never seen your blue bottle!” And…he goes on to give attention to the bottle asking you in case you are sure you did not take it because you’ve got a habit of taking his stuff, etc.

The celebration of your promotion at work was reduce very short. The truth is if you want to celebrate at all you will have to call a friend who actually cares about you and your good news. However by now you may not really feel a lot like celebrating. Chances are you’ll feel that your promotion really is not that big of a deal after all. Particularly since the particular person closest to you does not appear to think it is.

Everytime you really feel a sudden plummet of your energy whether from a friend, an acquaintance, a co-worker or a spouse or partner, it’s possible you’ll be dealing with a psychic energy vampire.

A psychic vampire will not be necessarily a psychic individual however moderately somebody who preys on the psychic energy area around a person.

I am very sensitive and read energy quite simply now. However up to now, I did not know sufficient about this sensitivity to be able to interpret what was occurring with me and why I often felt drained when around lots of people, or sure folks especially. Now I’m pretty aware of what’s going on round me and know when to go away a room or a situation.

I meet a whole lot of psychic vampires who seem like just normal individuals going about their business. But here is what I notice. These type of people seem to want something from me. I discover the conversations are typically one sided the place they are doing all of the talking and I’m doing all of the listening. There isn’t a true interaction. If I attempt to relate or share something about myself pertaining to the dialog, I feel as if I am not at all heard. My contribution is passed up as they continue their dialog as if I have not said a word.

After I ask myself what the intention of these individuals may be I see they are looking for admiration, approval, positive feedback, are trying to sell me something or get me to consider something. If I begin to feel irritated, drained, or tired, I immediately excuse myself and go away the conversation.

In healthy relationships we feed every other. We share energy. One in every of us might be feeling down and the opposite can encourage us and say things to help us which can deliver us up. Other times we are those helping and encouraging the other. It’s a give and take energy change that’s mutually beneficial. Nonetheless with energy vampires, there isn’t any give and take, only take. They don’t have any energy in their own reserves to give.

A psychic vampire or energy vampire is an emotionally and spiritually depleted individual. He doesn’t have an inner life and is not spiritually connected to life. He has spent his life extracting energy from the outside instead of learning how one can go within and cultivate his own interior garden.

Think of the human body and its need for vitamins and minerals. Our our bodies have the ability to manufacture most of what we need from within if given the suitable vitamins and building blocks. However for example a person eats nothing however junk meals and then takes a lot of vitamins. He is relying on this external substance to feed him instead of feeding his body healthy substances that build his body on a cellular level. If he actually wanted to be healthy he would study that he wanted to cleanse out all of the toxins that have been accumulating from years of bad eating after which begin taking in high nutrient dense meals to rebuild his body.

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